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Table 4 miR-216a and miR-217 modulated mRNAs

From: Co-sequencing and novel delayed anti-correlation identify function for pancreatic enriched microRNA biomarkers in a rat model of acute pancreatic injury

Gene Targeted by Protein function
Atf6 miR-216a-5p ER stress response transcription factor involved in autophagy and increasing chaperone proteins for unfolded proteins to enhance cell survival [18,19,20,21,22]
Ino80 miR-216a-5p Component of chromatin remodeling complex; loss of activity yields decreased transcription of genes requiring this remodeling [23, 24]
Tmem178b miR-216a-5p Unknown function transmembrane glycoprotein
Acox1 miR-216a-5p Beta-oxidation enzyme for long-chain fatty acids that are involved in ER stress responses resulting in apoptosis from mitochondrial injury & increased ROS [25,26,27,28]
CALR miR-216a-5p Calcium binding molecule that acts as a chaperone during endoplasmic reticulum stress and modulates apoptosis [29, 30]
Ngfrap1 miR-216a-5p Mediator or co-factor inducing or promoting apoptosis in response to multiple signals [31, 32]
Mitf miR-216a-5p Transcription factor that when inhibited leads to apoptosis of mast cells and melanocytes; over expression can result in cellular hypertrophy [33, 34]
Twistnb miR-216a-5p Unknown specific function; component of RNA polymerase I (subunit RPA43) controlling transcription [35, 36]
Pten miR-216a-5p miR-217-5p A phosphatase mediator of apoptosis in multiple cell types and initiated through multiple signaling paths; loss of Pten leads to proliferation [37,38,39,40]
Zbtb20 miR-217-5p Transcription factor associated with enhanced cell survival and proliferation [41, 42]
Sirt1 miR-217-5p Enhances cell survival under stress and protects against apoptosis by promoting autophagy [43,44,45,46]
Slc4a2 miR-217-5p Ion exchange protein that mediates anion influx into cells with loss of function promoting apoptosis [47, 48]
Nr4a2 miR-217-5p Nuclear hormone receptor that modulates apoptosis with decreased expression yielding increased apoptosis [49, 50]
Cdc73 miR-217-5p Component of transcriptional regulatory complex modulating apoptosis with loss of function and over expression associated with proliferation [51,52,53]
Nhlrc2 miR-217-5p Asparagine-Histidine-Leucine repeat containing protein of undescribed function although this repeat motif is associated with caspase inhibitors and regulation of growth factors [54, 55]
Adss miR-217-5p Enzyme involved in purine synthesis and creation of AMP; reported in human autophagy network as a likely binding partner to ATG10, gene for an autophagy related enzyme [56, 57]
Ppm1d miR-217-5p Protein phosphatase implicated in regulation of apoptosis in pancreatic cancer and autophagy in genotoxic stress [58, 59]
  1. ER endoplasmic reticulum, ROS reactive oxygen species, AMP adenosine monophosphate