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Table 2 Top 25 pathways with FDR corrected P < 0.01 from Metacore GeneGO pathway analysis. Remaining pathways with corrected P < 0.01 summarized in Additional file 8: Table S5. *Ratio: Number of genes in input list found in the pathway/Total number of genes in the pathway

From: Circular RNA expression and regulatory network prediction in posterior cingulate astrocytes in elderly subjects

Pathway Corrected P *Ratio Encoded proteins/protein complexes in input list
Aberrant B-Raf signaling in melanoma progression 7.456E-07 10/55 BAD, NOTCH1 (NICD), AKT1, Nicastrin, CBP, mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), Mcl-1, AKT(PKB)
Signal transduction_PTMs in BAFF-induced signaling 3.454E-06 9/51 BAD, ERK1 (MAPK3), AKT1, MEKK1(MAP3K1), FKHR, mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Immune response_IL-15 signaling 9.177E-06 9/61 ERK1 (MAPK3), AKT1, MEKK1(MAP3K1), mTOR, ERK1/2, UFO, ERK2 (MAPK1), Mcl-1, AKT(PKB)
Development_Ligand-independent activation of ESR1 and ESR2 9.177E-06 8/44 EGFR, ERK1 (MAPK3), PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), G-protein alpha-s, CBP, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Translation_Regulation of EIF4F activity 3.883E-05 8/54 EGFR, MEKK1(MAP3K1), eIF4B, PP2A catalytic, eIF4A, mTOR, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
Aberrant production of IL-2 and IL-17 in SLE T cells 5.718E-05 8/58 PP2A cat (alpha), NOTCH1 (NICD), PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), CBP, mTOR, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB), NOTCH1 precursor
IGF family signaling in colorectal cancer 6.001E-05 8/60 ERK1 (MAPK3), IBP, MNK2(GPRK7), mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB), Clusterin
Apoptosis and survival_BAD phosphorylation 6.001E-05 7/42 BAD, EGFR, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), PP2A catalytic, G-protein alpha-s, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
Influence of smoking on activation of EGFR signaling in lung cancer cells 7.422E-05 7/44 EGFR, ERK1 (MAPK3), PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), MEKK1(MAP3K1), G-protein alpha-s, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1)
Immune response_IL-6 signaling pathway via JAK/STAT 1.810E-04 8/72 MEKK1(MAP3K1), FKHR, CCL2, CBP, mTOR, Mcl-1, AKT(PKB), gp130
Signal transduction_Erk Interactions: Inhibition of Erk 1.810E-04 6/34 MKP-3, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), PP2A catalytic, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Oxidative stress_ROS-mediated activation of MAPK via inhibition of phosphatases 1.810E-04 6/34 EGFR, MKP-3, SOD2, PP2A catalytic, ERK1/2, SOD1
Apoptosis and survival_NGF/ TrkA PI3K-mediated signaling 2.255E-04 8/77 BAD, N-WASP, AKT1, FKHR, ILK, mTOR, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
PGE2 pathways in cancer 2.255E-04 7/55 EGFR, ERK1 (MAPK3), TGF-alpha, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), G-protein alpha-s, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Immune response_Oncostatin M signaling via MAPK 2.275E-04 6/37 ERK1 (MAPK3), MEKK1(MAP3K1), CCL2, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), gp130
Development_Beta-adrenergic receptors transactivation of EGFR 2.275E-04 6/37 EGFR, ERK1 (MAPK3), PP2A catalytic, mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1)
Development_Regulation of lung epithelial progenitor cell differentiation 3.976E-04 6/41 FOXP2, SMAD4, Frizzled, NOTCH1 receptor, FOXP1, O-fucose
Regulation of Tissue factor signaling in cancer 4.726E-04 6/43 EGFR, ERK1 (MAPK3), mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Development_Adenosine A2A receptor signaling 4.726E-04 6/43 BAD, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), MEKK1(MAP3K1), G-protein alpha-s, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
Development_VEGF signaling via VEGFR2 - generic cascades 5.478E-04 8/93 ERK1 (MAPK3), MEKK1(MAP3K1), CCL2, Vinculin, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB), Fyn
Signal transduction_mTORC2 downstream signaling 5.478E-04 7/68 BAD, AKT1, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), FKHR, mTOR, Mcl-1, AKT(PKB)
Transcription_Hypoxia- and receptor-mediated HIF-1 activation 5.478E-04 6/46 EGFR, FKHR, MNK2(GPRK7), CBP, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
Transcription_Androgen Receptor nuclear signaling 5.478E-04 6/46 EGFR, AKT1, PKA-cat (cAMP-dependent), Frizzled, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)
Signal transduction_PTEN pathway 5.478E-04 6/46 BAD, EGFR, ILK, mTOR, ERK1/2, AKT(PKB)
Immune response_IL-4 signaling pathway 5.478E-04 8/94 BAD, PDE3A, MEKK1(MAP3K1), FKHR, mTOR, ERK1/2, ERK2 (MAPK1), AKT(PKB)