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Table 3 M4 predicted effector genes with a high effector score (EffectorP score ≥ 0.933), BFP orthologues and detected in RNA-Seq data

From: Comparative genomics of the wheat fungal pathogen Pyrenophora tritici-repentis reveals chromosomal variations and genome plasticity

M4 genes aEquivalent BFP genes d% Identity cM4 RNA-Seq
M4_1392 PTRG_11346, 100 N
M4_5669 PTRG_11771, 100 N
M4_5670 PTRG_11773 100 N
M4_1895 ToxA 100 Y
M4_1920 PTRG_04901 100 N
M4_2488 eNA   Y
M4_3674 PTRG_01049 100 Y
M4_4087 PTRG_01437 100 Y
M4_4821 eNA   N
M4_8650 PTRG_01823 100 N
M4_9875 PTRG_08470 99.54 Y
M4_10891 bPTRG_06295 100 N
M4_11007 PTRG_07510 100 Y
M4_12104 PTRG_08870 100 Y
M4_13325 PTRG_09431 95.89 N
M4_13499 PTRG_09282 100 Y
  1. aBFP Locus ID, bPoor model match at locus, cM4 mRNA evidence support for gene. dPercentage Identity Blast global alignment between M4 and BFP genes. eGene sequence not identified in genome with greater than 90% identity and coverage (BLATX)