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Table 4 A proposed new Ptr race classification system incorporates the presence/absence of disease symptoms in conjunction with presence/absence of known Ptr effectors

From: Comparative genomics of the wheat fungal pathogen Pyrenophora tritici-repentis reveals chromosomal variations and genome plasticity

Effectors Disease Symptoms
Nec+Chl+ Nec−Chl− Nec+Chl− Nec−Chl+
AC Race 1    
A    Race 2  
C AR CrossB10    Race 3
  Race 4   
B     Race 5
BC     Race 6
AB Race 7    
ABC Race 8    
  1. A = ToxA, B = ToxB, C = ToxC, Nec = Necrosis, Chl = Chlorosis, − = absence of symptom, + = presence of symptom