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Table 4 Network of biological interest generated through network analysis using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IP A) of subcutaneous adipose tissue of Holstein-Friesian dairy bulls fed on low plane of nutrition in comparison to a high plane of nutrition, slaughtered at 18 weeks of age

From: Effect of early calf-hood nutrition on the transcriptomic profile of subcutaneous adipose tissue in Holstein-Friesian bulls

Network ID Top Functions Effected Molecules in Network Score Focus Molecule
4 Energy Production, Lipid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry ABLIM2 , ACAT1, ADIPOQ, ADIPOR2, ALDOA, BCAT2, CISD1, CKB, FABP4, FITM2, GPD1, HOMER2, LEP, LGALS12, MT-ND1, MT-ND6, NDUFB5, NDUFB8, NDUFS2, NDUFV1, NNAT, NR4A1, SNCA , SORBS1, SYNE2 , TUSC5 39 28
  1. Molecules highlighted in bold are downregulated in the low plane of nutrition in comparison to the high plane of nutrition