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Fig. 3

From: Identification of genes directly responding to DLK1 signaling in Callipyge sheep

Fig. 3

Transcript abundance of myosin heavy chain genes. aMYH4; bMYH1; cMYH2 and dMYH7. Least square means and standard errors for log transcript abundance in 100 ng of total RNA are shown for each muscle and genotype. Callipyge animals indicated by +/C, and normal animals are represented by +/+. LD, SM, ST, and TB are hypertrophied muscles, SS, IS and HT are non-hypertrophied muscles. Samples are from 30 to 35 days of age lamb. Significant differences are indicated by (*; P < 0.05, or **; P < 0.01) between callipyge and normal lambs within each muscle

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