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Fig. 6

From: Identification of genes directly responding to DLK1 signaling in Callipyge sheep

Fig. 6

Transcript abundance of candidate genes and myosin heavy chain genes in DLK1-treated myoblasts and myotubes. Primary myoblasts were cultured on Matrigel (Control) or Matrigel plus recombinant DLK1 protein for 24 h (D0) and induced to differentiation for up to 72 h. RNA was collected at 24 h intervals; D0: myoblasts in proliferation medium, D1: 24 h; D2: 48 h and D3: 72 h in differentiation medium. a Dnttip1 and Pde4d expression were significantly increased in DLK1 treatment at D0 and D1. Mettl21e expression was highly elevated at D0 but immediately decreased after differentiation (D1). The expression of Park7 was not significantly altered by DLK1 treatment. b The mRNA abundance of Myh4 was not significantly changed in myoblasts (D0) but was highly elevated after 24 h of myotube differentiation (D1) with DLK1 treatment. Expression of Myh7 expression was significantly increased in D0 and D1. No significant differences were observed in the expression of Myh2 and Myh1. Significance differences (*; P < 0.05) between control and DLK1 treatment within differentiation time (D0-D3)

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