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Fig. 8

From: Identification of genes directly responding to DLK1 signaling in Callipyge sheep

Fig. 8

Effect of PARK7 on myosin promoter activity. Primary myoblasts were transfected with different compositions of effector constructs pPARK7-pcDNA3.2 and pGWCAT- pcDNA3.2 (control) plasmids together with Myh4 or Myh7 luciferase reporter plasmids. The pRL-SV40 plasmid served as a transfection efficiency control. Myosin promoter-luciferase reporter activity was adjusted for transfection efficiency and normalized across all samples on the plate using renilla luciferase activity. a Transfection of PARK7 effector plasmid (input 30% and 60%) significantly elevated Myh4 luciferase activity at 100 and 200 ng/mL concentrations of IGF1; b Transfection of PARK7 plasmid significantly decreased Myh7 luciferase activity regardless of IGF1 concentration. Differing lower case letters indicate significance (P < 0.05) within each IGF1 treatment

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