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Table 2 Twenty-two conserved SOX10 consensus sequences containing SNPs

From: A genome-wide assessment of conserved SNP alleles reveals a panel of regulatory SNPs relevant to the peripheral nerve

Name Conserved Region (hg18) rs Number
rSOX-1 chr2:44834620-44834625 rs3738980
rSOX-2 chr3:62426974-62426979 rs6445273
rSOX-3 chr4:146183931-146183936 rs34577920
rSOX-4 chr6:22818474-22818479 rs16886790
rSOX-5 chr6:98577359-98577364 rs12524696
rSOX-6 chr6:98692222-98692227 rs17814604
rSOX-7 chr7:131601713-131601718 rs1364510
rSOX-8 chr13:66589464-66589469 rs17082112
rSOX-9 chr15:55214627-55214632 rs2703617
rSOX-10 chr1:48904340-48904354 rs1966247
rSOX-11 chr1:168449895-168449935 rs16863114
rSOX-12 chr6:118599910-118599921 rs17335828
rSOX-13 chr7:9853948-9853966 rs12702949
rSOX-14 chr7:95350538-95350566 rs10249566
rSOX-15 chr8:37281347-37281384 rs17333409
rSOX-16 chr8:138460036-138460047 rs16907090
rSOX-17 chr9:80243161-80243189 rs17788061
rSOX-18 chr10:78070796-78070831 rs17469556
rSOX-19 chr10:130596685-130596718 rs11819115
rSOX-20 chr11:31400150-31400183 rs1376362
rSOX-21 chr11:125354123-125354139 rs11607720
rSOX-22 chr16:53169712-53169728 rs1186802
  1. rSOX-1 through rSOX-9 are conserved monomeric SOX10 consensus sequences that overlap with SOX10 ChIP-Seq data
  2. rSOX-10 through rSOX-22 are conserved dimeric SOX10 consensus sequences