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Table 3 Four genomic segments harboring a SOX10 consensus sequence display regulatory activity in Schwann cells

From: A genome-wide assessment of conserved SNP alleles reveals a panel of regulatory SNPs relevant to the peripheral nerve

Region Fold-increase
Coordinates (hg18)a rs Number MAFb
rSOX-1 2.57 8.29 chr2:44834620-44834625 rs3738980 0.3035
rSOX-4 4.83 25.96 chr6:22818474-22818479 rs16886790 0.2001
rSOX-6 0.33 11.01 chr6:98692222-98692227 rs17814604 0.1014
rSOX-22 14.12 4.44 chr16:53169712-53169728 rs1186802 0.4219
  1. aCoordinates for the conserved SOX10 monomeric sites for rSOX-1, −4, and − 6 and the dimeric site for rSOX-22
  2. bMAF is the minor allele frequency from the 1000 Genomes Project [72]