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Table 1 The nine samples (pools of three larvae) names and details concerning larval instars, status (non-diapause and diapause) and generation (1st or 2nd)

From: Diapause in a tropical oil-collecting bee: molecular basis unveiled by RNA-Seq

Status Generation Sample Namea Instars Collection date
Non-diapause 1st L1 1st - 4th Dec/2012
L2 2nd - 5th Nov/2012
L3 5th Nov-Dec/2012
2nd L4 5th Mar-Apr/2013
L5 1st - 4th Apr/2013
L6 2nd - 5th Mar-Apr-Jul/2013
Diapause 2nd D1 5th Jul/2013
D2 5th Aug/2013
D3 5th Aug/2013
  1. aThree larvae pool