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Table 1 List of bidirectional promoters tested using the pDR vector

From: Bidirectional promoters exhibit characteristic chromatin modification signature associated with transcription elongation in both sense and antisense directions

Gene Pair Cloned region (hg19) Length (bp) Clone name
FOXM1-RHNO1 chr12:2986293–2,986,670 380 BDP-S1/AS1
LOC105369155-TMEM208 chr16:67260620–67,261,120 503 BDP-S2/AS2
TP53-WARP53 chr17:7590787–7,591,798 1000 BDP-S3/AS3
TMEM234-EIF3I chr1:32687713–32,688,023 310 BDP-S4/AS4
CIB1-NGRN chr15:90777156–90,777,587 431 BDP-S5/AS5
HNRNPA2B1-CBX3 chr7:26240385–26,241,390 1005 BDP-S6/AS6
CBX5-HNRNPA1 chr12:54653296–54,654,074 778 BDP-S7/AS7
GFM2-NSA2 chr5:74062655–74,063,004 350 BDP-S8/AS8
  1. The IDs of genes within the bidirectional pair and their chromosomal locations as well as the length of intergenic distance (= bidirectional promoter) are listed. The clones in sense to eGFP were named as S1-S8 and the same clone when in sense to mCherry was named AS1-AS8 (Fig. 1, Additional file 1: Figure S1)