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Table 3 Predicted surface proteins with High dN/dS

From: Analysis of Theileria orientalis draft genome sequences reveals potential species-level divergence of the Ikeda, Chitose and Buffeli genotypes

Protein ID Functional classification Homolog in other piroplasmida Pfam Mean dN/dS
XP_009690939.1 hypothetical protein N   0.420013
XP_009691911.1 uncharacterized protein Y Pf04385 0.348927
XP_009690040.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.329911
XP_009690607.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.326084
XP_009691340.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.325941
XP_009689372.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.322271
XP_009689430.1 hypothetical protein N   0.310138
XP_009690004.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.307715
XP_009690344.1 ToLocg1 paralog Y   0.272704
XP_009690269.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.236663
XP_009691913.1 hypothetical protein N   0.230252
XP_009689555.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.228835
XP_009689383.1 hypothetical protein N   0.225034
XP_009688884.1 CD8+ T cell target antigen Tp2 Y   0.222906
XP_009689185.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.222693
XP_009692799.1 hypothetical protein N Pf04385 0.220597
XP_009692694.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.217668
XP_009690569.1 brain protein 44-like Y Pf03650 0.214623
XP_009689733.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.211825
XP_009690910.1 hypothetical protein N   0.210374
XP_009689120.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.198483
XP_009692522.1 thrombospondin-related anonymous protein Y Pf00092 0.196277
XP_009691139.1 putative protease Y Pf02517 0.1867
XP_009690803.1 putative apicoplast import protein Y Pf16166 0.176391
XP_009692438.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.17456
XP_009692777.1 uncharacterized protein Y Pf04385 0.173405
XP_009692412.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.16334
XP_009692816.1 surface protein Y Pf04145 0.160208
XP_009689868.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.156548
XP_009692665.1 hypothetical protein N   0.154705
XP_009689845.1 major piroplasm surface protein Y Pf02488 0.146066
XP_009690016.1 hypothetical protein Y Pf04385 0.136429
XP_009692660.1 putative lysophospholipase Y Pf12146 0.129336
XP_009692759.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.127301
XP_009691480.1 putative ER oxidoreductin Y Pf04137 0.120148
XP_009689697.1 uncharacterized protein Y   0.116339
XP_009691437.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.113952
XP_009688850.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.113259
XP_009690130.1 hypothetical protein Y Pf08320 0.1113
XP_009692225.1 uncharacterized protein Y Pf07691 0.107945
XP_009690580.1 p23 surface protein Y   0.104459
XP_009691349.1 zinc transport protein Y Pf02535 0.10384
XP_009689509.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.10243
XP_009689195.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.102029
XP_009691696.1 hypothetical protein Y   0.10029
XP_009689770.1 uncharacterized protein Y Pf04385 0.099851
XP_009690399.1 50S ribosomal protein L9 Y Pf01281 0.096548
XP_009689290.1 hypothetical protein Y Pf05450 0.095706
XP_009689754.1 uncharacterized protein Y   0.086991
XP_009688894.1 50S ribosomal protein L33 Y   0.0863757