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Table 5 Summary of upregulated genes in the most-recurrent KEGG subcategories in both and specific comparisons (FDR and p-value ≤0.05)

From: Transcriptional profiling of swine mammary gland during the transition from colostrogenesis to lactogenesis using RNA sequencing

KEGG Category Status +1vs-14 time comparison -2vs-14 time comparison Both time comparisons
Lipid Metabolism upregulated ALDH2, HMGCS1, HSD11B1, SCD, ACSL3, FAXDC2, SGMS2, SC5D, 403,334, ACACB, SQLE, MSMO1, CYP2J2, CERS4, CYP2J34, LCLAT1, DHCR24, 100,233,182, PLPP3, FADS2, 100,170,845, 100,517,533, ACAT2, MGLL, CYP2D25, TM7SF2, ACADM, ARSA, PNPLA2, GLA, SMPD1, PTGS1, LPCAT3, GPCPD1, PAFAH2, ACADS, NSDHL, PLA2G12A, KDSR, ECI2, GBA2, COMT, 100515577 CYP1A1, 100,157,065, GPAM, GPD2, SGMS1, CDIPT, DGAT1 GGT1, 397,097, FADS1, AGPAT1, NEU1, GPAT4, CEPT1, HSD17B7, CDS2, PLA2G16, 100,522,126, 100,522,145, 100,522,692, GPAT3, 100,625,138, 100,625,332, 100,738,292
Endocrine System upregulated CYP1A1, PYGB 396,835, CD14, FXYD2, FOS, HK2, RCAN1, SH2B2, PFKFB2, STAT3, ACACB, PHKG1, ITGB3, HSPA5, OXTR, CYP2J2, PLN, PLCD3, SEC11C, CYP2J34, HSP90B1, MYL9, CPEB4, 100,514,493, ITGA11, RRAS, CREB3L2, CPEB3, CFL2, NFATC2, CTSB, SEC61G, SRP54, SPCS3, PRKCI, ITGA2, PLCD1, JUN, DIAPH1, SEC63, PRKAB2, SP1, BCAR1, B2M, 106,504,143, PRKAB1, PIKFYVE, KAT2B, CREB3, PRKCD, STAT1, RYR2, 100,522,756, 396,848, CASP9, PHKG2, JAK2, ITGAV, SRP68, SRP68, PPP1CB, ITPR3, SOCS6, IFI30, PAK1, PPP1R12C, ELK1, 100,517,270, RHOA CTSV, KCNJ2, NOS3, PCK2, CSN2, FOXO3, MTOR, NCOA2, SPCS1, SRC, SEC61A1, HSD17B7, PDIA3, MAPK14, CALR, SEC61B, RPTOR, SRPRA, CREB3L1, CANX, VAV1, 100,522,176, PDIA4, GNA13, 100,523,015, 100,523,202, EEF2K, MRAS