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Table 2 Overlapping of region markers (genes/IGRs) and point markers (FS mutations and IGR indels)

From: Whole genome sequencing data of 1110 Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates identifies insertions and deletions associated with drug resistance

Region markers Mutation type Point markers Functions
ndhA-Rv0393 Intergenic region 472,711:T:TTTGTGGGCCa NADH dehydrogenase NdhA, hypothetical protein
rseA-htrA Intergenic region 1,365,837:C:CGG anti-sigma E factor RseA, serine protease HtrA
Rv2081c Frameshift mutation p.Val105fsb transmembrane protein
whiB6-Rv3863 Intergenic region 4,338,595:GC:G transcriptional regulator WhiB6, hypothetical protein
vapC2-Rv0302 Intergenic region 364,498:TG:T ribonuclease VapC2, transcriptional regulator
pncA Frameshift mutation p.Val131fs pyrazinamidase/nicotinamidase PncA
Rv0759c-Rv0760c Intergenic region 854,252:GC:G hypothetical protein, hypothetical protein
mce2A-mce2C Intergenic region 688,792:T:TG Mce family protein Mce2A, Mce family protein Mce2C
Rv3750c-serX Intergenic region 4,198,611:CG:C excisionase, tRNA
  1. The content in the 3rd column included “Location_in_genome:reference_allele:alternative_allele” representing IGR indels and “Change of amino acid” representing for FS mutations
  2. aLocation_in_genome:reference_allele:alternative_allele
  3. bChange of amino acid