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Table 1 The general features of C. pseudoreteaudii

From: Whole genome and transcriptome analysis reveal adaptive strategies and pathogenesis of Calonectria pseudoreteaudii to Eucalyptus

Feature C. pseudoreteaudii
Assembly size (Mb) 63.7
Coverage (fold) 213.2
Scaffold number 507
N50 scaffold (kb) 1316
N90 scaffold (kb) 261
GC content(%) 48.3
Repeat rate (%) 9.27
Gene number 14,355
Gene density (genes· Mb−1) 225
Average gene length (bp) 1514.8
Number of exons 40,210
Average number of exons per gene 2.8
Average exon size (bp) 487.6
Number of Introns 25,855
Average number of intron per gene 1.8
Average intron size (bp) 82.7
tRNA genes 370
Secreted proteins 1178
SSCRPs 207
Genbank accession number MOCD00000000