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Table 1 Survival times of the D. pulex clones G and M

From: The transcriptomic and proteomic responses of Daphnia pulex to changes in temperature and food supply comprise environment-specific and clone-specific elements



30 °C, ad libitum feeding

Starvation, 20 °C

30 °C, starvation

Clone G

>  750 h

48 h

167 h

17 h

Clone M

>  750 h

98 h***

167 h

49 h***

  1. Mean half-maximal survival times (h) of the D. pulex clones G and M under control conditions (20 °C, ad libitum feeding) or heat, starvation, and heat-and-starvation stress. Data are from Kaplan-Meier survival curves (n = 3 experiments on N = 10 animals each). Asterisks indicate significant differences between the clones (***, P < 0.001; Gehan-Breslow-Wilcoxon test). Clone G was more sensitive to heat or heat-and-starvation stress than clone M