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Fig. 4

From: A multi-scale analysis of bull sperm methylome revealed both species peculiarities and conserved tissue-specific features

Fig. 4

Hypo-DMRs identified by MeDIP-chip target genes involved in mRNA processing and spermatogenesis. Genes containing the 1144 hypo-DMRs were subjected to DAVID analysis, with the regions of interest used as the background. Terms of gene ontology, pathways or Uniprot keywords enriched among the DMRs and their corresponding p-values are indicated, as are the genes present in each category. The green color on the heatmap represents a correspondence between a gene and a category. To limit the size of the heatmaps, only GO terms designated as DIRECT by DAVID were used for cluster generation. a Functional cluster related to mRNA processing. b Functional cluster related to meiosis and spermatogenesis

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