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Table 5 Significant pathways for DEGs associated with the intake main effect identified using IPA

From: RNA-Seq Meta-analysis identifies genes in skeletal muscle associated with gain and intake across a multi-season study of crossbred beef steers

Pathway P-valuea DEGs in Pathway
4-hydroxyproline degradation I 0.00803 HOGA1
Methylglyoxal degradation I 0.012 HAGHL
D-glucuronate degradation I 0.012 DCXR
Glycerol-3-phosphate shuttle 0.016 GPD1
Arginine degradation I (arginase pathway) 0.016 OAT
Arginine biosynthesis IV 0.0239 OAT
Proline biosynthesis II (from arginine) 0.0239 OAT
Arginine degradation VI (arginase 2 pathway) 0.0239 OAT
Glycerol degradation I 0.0239 GPD1
CNTF signaling 0.0267 CNTFR, HRAS
Citrulline biosynthesis 0.0318 OAT
PPARa/RXRa activation 0.0362 CHD5, GPD1, HRAS
  1. aCorrected for multiple testing using Benjamini Hochberg method