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Table 1 Summary of the features of the three databases, including SpliceSeq, ISOexpresso, and TSVdb, for visualizing the TCGA splice variant data

From: TSVdb: a web-tool for TCGA splicing variants analysis

Features TCGA SpliceSeq ISOexpresso TSVdb
Splicing event measurements Yes No No
Algorithm integrate exon, junction reads Yes No No
Provide Screening result Yes No No
Splicing pattern graph Yes No No
Isoform pattern graph No Yes Yes
Isoform expression No Yes Yes
Exon quantification Yes No Yes
Junction quantification Yes No Yes
Clinical data No No Yes
Multi-omics No Partial Partial
Genome-wide data download Yes No No
  1. *ISOexpresso provided eQTL analysis
  2. TSVdb provided gene expression correlated AS analysis