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Table 4 Characterization of potentially deleterious and high impact SNPs identified in the 13 PCGs

From: A genome-wide association study reveals novel genomic regions and positional candidate genes for fat deposition in broiler chickens

Associated Gene Name Ensembl Gene ID SNP ID SNP Positiona Consequence
FITM2 ENSGALG00000026285 rs315805239 5,614,711 Stop gained
Novel gene ENSGALG00000000483 rs740555722 1,514,268 Stop loss
PLCG1 ENSGALG00000003750 g.5072909A > T 5,072,909 Non-synonymous
Novel gene ENSGALG00000000477 rs737351616 1,509,828 Non-synonymous
  1. aPosition based on Gallus_gallus-5.0 assembly