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Table 6 Number of unique miRNAs in each bodily fluid at a minimum of 5 counts

From: Diversity and signature of small RNA in different bodily fluids using next generation sequencing

Bodily fluid All Invasive Non-invasive
Blood 94 96 Not compared
Leukocytes 30 35 Not compared
Plasma 42 43 Not compared
Serum 1 1 Not compared
Saliva 1 Not compared 1
Cell-Free Saliva 3 Not compared 32
Urine 1 Not compared 4
Cell-Free Urine 3 Not compared 11
  1. Three comparison groups were used: “All” indicating unique miRNA among all fluids, “invasive” for comparison within the invasive fluids (blood, leukocytes, serum and plasma), and “non-invasive” for comparison within the non-invasive fluids (saliva, cell-free saliva, urine and cell-free urine)