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Fig. 8

From: The coupling of transcriptome and proteome adaptation during development and heat stress response of tomato pollen

Fig. 8

Effect of HS on transcript and protein levels of genes with direct or delayed translation. Genes with direct (green) and delayed translation (red) in tetrads (row 1 and 2), post-meiotic (row 3) and mature pollen (row 4) were analyzed for their regulation at transcriptome and proteome level in response to HS. For this purpose, the genes were traced in the transcript (Tr) and protein clusters (Pr) derived from the clustering of transcript and protein levels across CO and HS. Genes with direct translation were analyzed for HS induced reduction of protein levels (Pr1) and genes with delayed translation for HS induced increase of protein levels (Pr7). Numerals in the cells indicate the number of genes detected in a combination of transcript (Tr1 to Tr7) and protein cluster (Pr1 or Pr7). In addition, the functional description of the genes with HS induced reduction or accumulation of protein levels is shown

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