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Fig. 1

From: Genetic and transcriptomic analyses provide new insights on the early antiviral response to VHSV in resistant and susceptible rainbow trout

Fig. 1

Detection of the major QTL associated with resistance to VHSV on Omy3 (linkage group RT31) in a B57-A22 backcross. a Likelihood ratio profiles for survival associated QTL on Omy3 in a B57-A22 backcross. Two aquaria of 119 and 120 fish from a B57-A22 backcross were infected with VHSV 07–71 (waterborne challenge). A total of 8 markers localized in the previously identified QTL area on Omy3 were genotyped. Genetic distance (cM) between the markers is indicated on the left. Likelihood (LRT) values were obtained using the QTLMap software. The 95% confidence interval (CI) of the QTL was obtained using the Hendge Li method and is indicated in grey. b Conservation of the effect of the QTL on survival rate in BCB57-A22 backcross progeny after infection with VHSV 07–71 by injection. 125 fish from a B57-A22 backcross were injected with VHSV. Mortality was monitored daily and surviving fish were sacrificed at day 28 post infection. The allelic status at Omy1392INRA marker was determined for every fish, and cumulative death curves were built for the two alternative genotypes (B57-A22 and B57-B57)

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