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Fig. 7

From: SNP hot-spots in the clam parasite QPX

Fig. 7

SNP counts per Pfam domain and per QPX strain. The schematic graph illustrate the presence (in color) of SNPs inside (black) and outside (orange and gray) targeted QPX protein domains. QPX libraries used are those of New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), and Virginia (VA). Contig annotation at e-value ≤ 10-10 and SNP calling after two recalibrations. a- Number of SNPs within (black) and outside (orange and gray) Pfam domain. b- Standardized number of SNPs for each Pfam category (white). The occurrence score between parentheses is the number of SNPs within Pfam domains normalized by the sum of the total size of QPX contigs that align to each of virulence, temperature, salinity domains. The number of Pfam domains is different between virulence and adaptation so we divided the SNP count by the number of domains retrieved from Pfam (orange). c- Number of SNPs for each QPX strain

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