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Table 2 Association test between the three eQTL hotspots that harbor TF in their region, and IMF content traits

From: Identification of putative regulatory regions and transcription factors associated with intramuscular fat content traits

eQTL hotspots rs135914685- hotspot 1(USF1) rs110242967 - hotspot 2 (EGR4) rs134095631 - hotspot 3 (RUNX1T1)
Traits p-value FDR1 p-value FDR p-value FDR
BFTa 1.89E-06 7.47E-06i 2.77E-06 8.30E-06i 8.30E-06 2.07E-05i
IMFb(%) 3.55E-02 6.61E-02 7.61E-02 8.15E-02 3.24E-02 3.74E-02i
Myristic (%) 5.45E-04 2.30E-03i 1.51E-05 2.84E-05i 1.40E-05 2.63E-05i
Myristoleic (%) 2.73E-05 1.14E-04i 3.61E-04 5.41E-04i 5.65E-04 7.71E-04i
Palmitic (%) 5.37E-07 7.47E-06i 5.34E-07 2.00E-06i 5.55E-07 2.08E-06i
Palmitoleic (%) 1.21E-05 5.45E-05i 9.73E-06 2.09E-05i 1.20E-05 2.58E-05i
Stearic (%) 1.38E-01 1.89E-01 1.21E-01 1.21E-01 1.61E-01 1.61E-01
Oleic (%) 2.04E-14 5.17E-13i 2.11E-14 1.06E-13i 1.76E-14 8.82E-14i
Linoleic (%) 2.74E-02 4.27E-02i 3.65E-02 4.21E-02i 4.22E-02 4.53E-02i
CLAc9t11c(%) 2.20E-16 3.30E-15i 2.20E-16 3.30E-15i 2.20E-16 3.30E-15i
SFAd(%) 4.78E-06 3.75E-05i 4.62E-06 1.16E-05i 4.09E-06 1.23E-05i
MUFAe(%) 1.72E-05 8.81E-05i 1.66E-04 2.76E-04i 1.41E-04 2.35E-04i
PUFAf(%) 3.09E-04 1.26E-03i 4.03E-04 5.49E-04i 4.03E-04 6.04E-04i
Sum_n3g(%) 2.20E-16 3.30E-15i 2.20E-16 1.65E-15i 2.20E-16 1.65E-15i
Sum_n6h(%) 1.24E-02 3.80E-02i 1.10E-02 1.38E-02i 9.68E-03 1.21E-02i
  1. aBackfat thickness
  2. bintramuscular fat
  3. cconjugated linoleic acid cis9 trans11
  4. dsaturated fatty acid
  5. emonounsaturated fatty acid
  6. fpolyunsaturated fatty acid
  7. gsum of omega-3, and
  8. hsum of omega-6
  9. iSignificant FDR 5%
  10. 1FDR – Adjusted p-value using the false discovery rate method by Benjamini and Hochberg 1995