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Table 1 GO enrichment analysis of the significant interlog {Rv2193, MT-CO1} LH57_11955 (Rv2193) is classified into the drug resistance type of cytochromes and other target-modifying enzymes that could cause potential chemical modification of drug molecules [46]

From: Transferring knowledge of bacterial protein interaction networks to predict pathogen targeted human genes and immune signaling pathways: a case study on M. tuberculosis

  GO term ID GO aspect GO term name
Common GO terms GO:0016020 C membrane
GO:0016021 C integral to membrane
GO:0016491 F oxidoreductase activity
GO:0055114 P oxidation-reduction process
GO:1902600 P hydrogen ion transmembrane transport
H57_11955|Rv2193 only GO:0022904 P respiratory electron transport chain
GO:0019646 P aerobic electron transport chain
GO:0015002 F heme-copper terminal oxidase activity
MT-CO1 only GO:0070469 C respiratory chain
GO:0045277 C respiratory chain complex IV
GO:0005751 C mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV
GO:0006979 P response to oxidative stress
GO:0009060 P aerobic respiration
GO:0046688 P response to copper ion
GO:0051602 P response to electrical stimulus
GO:0020037 F heme binding
  1. C denotes cellular component, F denotes molecular function, and P denotes biological process