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Table 3 mRNA Translation-related biological processes in response to radiation as identified by PANTHER analysis (p < 0.005)

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes and pathways in mice exposed to mixed field neutron/photon radiation

Term 0% 5% 15% 25% 83%
eukaryotic initiation factor 4E binding (GO:0008190) 3.09E-02   3.79E-02   6.40E-03
translation initiation factor binding (GO:0031369)   2.63E-03   1.86E-03 1.02E-05
eukaryotic initiation factor eIF2 binding (GO:0071074)   1.60E-02    3.67E-02
translation initiation factor activity (GO:0003743)   2.99E-02 6.78E-04 1.75E-02 2.01E-06
translation elongation factor activity (GO:0003746)      2.06E-02
translation termination factor activity (GO:0008079)      3.92E-02
translation release factor activity (GO:0003747)      3.92E-02
  1. Significantly enriched biological processes among genes downregulated in response to radiation. Benjamini-corrected p values are shown for each radiation exposure