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Table 5 tRNA-related biological processes in response to radiation as identified by PANTHER analysis (p < 0.005)

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes and pathways in mice exposed to mixed field neutron/photon radiation

Term 0% 5% 15% 25% 83%
ligase activity, forming aminoacyl-tRNA and related compounds (GO:0016876) 3.14E-02     2.84E-05
aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity (GO:0004812) 3.14E-02     2.84E-05
translation factor activity, RNA binding (GO:0008135)   1.62E-02 8.08E-04   8.91E-08
tRNA binding (GO:0000049)   2.99E-02 9.98E-03 6.82E-03 1.99E-07
catalytic activity, acting on a tRNA (GO:0140101)    6.71E-04 4.83E-02 4.88E-10
tRNA (guanine-N1-)-methyltransferase activity (GO:0009019)    1.88E-02   3.67E-02
tRNA-specific ribonuclease activity (GO:0004549)    2.56E-02   9.52E-03
tRNA (guanine) methyltransferase activity (GO:0016423)    3.64E-02   2.87E-03
aminoacyl-tRNA editing activity (GO:0002161)     2.62E-02 1.77E-03
valine-tRNA ligase activity (GO:0004832)      1.76E-02
threonine-tRNA ligase activity (GO:0004829)      1.76E-02
glutaminyl-tRNA synthase (glutamine-hydrolyzing) activity (GO:0050567)      1.76E-02
tRNA methyltransferase activity (GO:0008175)      3.33E-02
arginine-tRNA ligase activity (GO:0004814)      3.67E-02
tRNA dihydrouridine synthase activity (GO:0017150)      3.67E-02
  1. Significantly enriched biological processes among genes downregulated in response to radiation. Benjamini-corrected p values are shown