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Table 3 The overlap between the multi-transcriptome meta-analysis of three tissues and the single transcriptome results of liver

From: Genome variants associated with RNA splicing variations in bovine are extensively shared between tissues

sQTLs Meta-analysis Overlap p
+ p < 2e-16
Liver + 768,650 2,842,552
139,551 4,301,536
eeQTLs Meta-analysis Overlap p
+ p < 2e-16
Liver + 1,052,041 3,186,839
140,033 3,575,617
geQTLs Meta-analysis Overlap p
+ p < 2e-16
Liver + 178,093 473,232
43,578 6,663,855
  1. sQTLs splicing quantitative trait loci, eeQTLs exon expression QTLs, geQTLs gene expression QTLs. Liver: QTLs with single-transcriptome effects p < 0.05 in the liver. Meta-analysis: QTLs with χ2 p < 1e-05 for the meta-analysis of white blood cells, milk cells and muscle. ‘+’ indicates the number of SNPs met the significance criteria while ‘–’ indicates number of SNPs failed to meet the significance criteria