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Table 2 Studies included in group 1 (neurological tissues)

From: Gene expression profiles in neurological tissues during West Nile virus infection: a critical meta-analysis

ID Databank ID Mice line Tissue Sampling time Platform Selected samples Citation
H1 GSE77192 C57Bl/6 Cerebellum 6 dai Agilent 2 × 5 (out of 60) n.a.
H2 GSE77193 C57Bl/6 Cortex 6 dai Agilent 2 × 5 (out of 60) n.a.
HH E-MTAB-5832 C57Bl/6 Cerebellum 5 dai Affymetrix 2 × 6 (out of 29) Lim et al. (2017)
PC GSE53784 SW Brain 5 to 6 dai Affymetrix 2 × 3 (out of 12) Clarke et al. (2014)
YV GSE72139 C57Bl/6 Hippocampus 25 dai Illumina 4 + 2 (out of 12) Vasek et al. (2016)
  1. The second column gives the databank ID from either GEO or ArrayExpress. The last column provides the number of samples selected from each study. Not each sample of a study qualified to be included into the meta-analysis. The first four studies had balances sizes of infected and control samples, study five had 4 samples in the infection group and 2 in the control group. For the last three studies, publications are available. Abbreviations: dai = days after infection; SW = Swiss Webster