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Table 4 Studies included in group 2 (immunological tissues)

From: Gene expression profiles in neurological tissues during West Nile virus infection: a critical meta-analysis

ID Databank ID Mice line Tissue Sampling time Platform Selected samples Citation
MK GSE39259 C57Bl/6 Liver, spleen 4 dai Agilent 2(2 + 3) (out of 40) Suthar et al. (2013)
HT GSE78888 C57Bl/6 Popliteal lymph node 4 dai Agilent 3+5 (out of 51) n.a.
  1. The second column gives the databank ID from the GEO database. Study ‘MK’ comprises two controls and three infected samples, each for liver and spleen tissues. Abbreviation: dai = days after infection