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Table 1 PLB-985 cell death and expression of FPR1 under several differentiation inducer agents

From: A map of gene expression in neutrophil-like cell lines

  In NucRed negative population  
Differentiation protocol % Cells expressing FPR1 Mean Fluorescence Intensity for FPR1 % Cell death (NucRed Dead +)
Undifferentiated cells 4 41 10
DMSO 48 100 8
ATRA + DMF 27 78 44
dbcAMP 75 382 58
DMSO + ATRA 6 47.4 66
DMSO + ATRA + CA 52 142a 73
DMSO + Nutridoma CS 70 292.5 10
  1. aAutofluorescence in non-stained samples is very high, probably due to CA
  2. PLB-985 cells were differentiated into a neutrophil-like state by culturing in the indicated different media for 6 days. Undifferentiated cells were also analyzed. Cells were stained with NucRed Deatd 647 Probe to measure cell death and with FLPEP, a fluorescent ligand of FPR1. Samples were measured by cytometry and data was analyzed using MATLAB. For the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI), values were normalized against the MFI of the sample of cells differentiated only with DMSO