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Table 1 Effects of OMWW inclusion on intestinal morphometric indexes of broiler chickens (n = 10/treatment)

From: Dietary supplementation with olive mill wastewaters induces modifications on chicken jejunum epithelial cell transcriptome and modulates jejunum morphology

Vh (mm) 1.01 0.90 0.05 0.234
Cd (mm) 0.07a 0.06b 0.00 0.004
Vh/Cd (mm/mm) 14.56 15.87 0.74 0.392
  1. Different superscript letters (a, b) in the same row mean significant differences (P < 0.05) among the dietary treatments. Control, CTRL; Olive oil mill wastewaters, (OMWW); Vh, villus height; Cd, crypt depth; Vh/Cd ratio, villus height to crypt depth ratio