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Fig. 3

From: Unsupervised correction of gene-independent cell responses to CRISPR-Cas9 targeting

Fig. 3

CRISPRcleanR is effective with multiple different sgRNA libraries. a Recall curves for three sgRNA libraries when classifying sgRNAs targeting amplified genes, amplified non-expressed genes, FE genes, and non-essential genes using sgRNA logFCs before (first row of plots) and after (second row of plots) CRISPRcleanR correction. b Variation of the area under the recall curve for sgRNAs targeting genes in six predefined sets, based on their uncorrected/corrected logFCs, across the three different libraries (one circle per library). c Segments within chromosome 8 of equal gene copy number juxtaposed to segments of equal sgRNA logFCs before and after CRISPRcleanR in HT-29 cells screened with three different sgRNA libraries. The position of MYC is shown with a blue line

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