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Table 4 Fasting or Time of day response genes with regulatory variants overlapping GWAS signals of complex traits

From: Fasting and time of day independently modulate circadian rhythm relevant gene expression in adipose and skin tissue

Tissue Exposure GeneName eQTL SNP GWAS SNP r2 Trait
Fat Hours fasting ADAM19 rs11134789 rs2277027 0.99 Lung function FEV1/FVC
Lung function FEV1/FVC in ever smokers
Fat Hours fasting CTPS1 rs12037263 rs2802551 0.98 Height
Fat Hours fasting DNM3 rs17277932 rs17277932 1.00 Height
Fat Hours fasting HEMK1 rs399484 rs399484 1.00 Height
Fat Hours fasting PHLDB1 rs10790255 rs45565037 0.86 Rheumatoid arthritis
Fat Hours fasting PTGER4 rs10440635 rs10440635 1.00 Crohns disease
     rs7720838 1.00 inflammatory bowel disease
Irritable bowel syndrome
Self reported allergy
Fat Hours fasting TRIM27 rs115864834 rs429369 1.00 Height
Fat Hours fasting TSEN15 rs1952256 rs1046934 1.00 Height
Fat Hours fasting & Time of day SLC9A3R2 rs3211995 rs3211995 1.00 Height
Fat Time of day TNFAIP8 rs11064 rs1045241 0.99 Waist hip ratio in females
Waist to hip ratio adjusted for body mass index
Skin Hours fasting TNNT2 rs12564445 rs12564445 1.00 Cardiac Troponin T levels