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Table 5 Variants interacting with hours of fasting or time of day in fat and skin regulate expression of fasting or time of day associated genes

From: Fasting and time of day independently modulate circadian rhythm relevant gene expression in adipose and skin tissue

Tissue Exposure Gene SNP Chr P FWER
Fat Fasting ACTA2 rs813782 10 9.8E-06 1.0E-02
Fat Fasting CBFA2T3 rs12921348 16 5.6E-05 3.4E-02
Fat Fasting FRMD4A rs10906711 10 2.9E-05 4.3E-02
Fat Fasting HK2 rs11690080 2 3.7E-05 3.0E-02
Fat Fasting KIAA0182 rs56377278 16 4.9E-05 4.7E-02
Fat Fasting KLHL25 rs11854452 15 1.9E-05 1.8E-02
Fat Fasting MBD5 rs13016227 2 3.0E-05 1.0E-02
Fat Fasting PLXND1 rs2403343 3 1.0E-04 2.9E-02
Fat Fasting PPFIBP1 rs405394 12 6.0E-05 4.8E-02
Fat Fasting RP11-399O19 rs813782 10 7.6E-05 4.4E-02
Fat Fasting STARD13 rs9591423 13 8.4E-05 4.7E-02
Fat Fasting THRA rs11651987 17 2.4E-05 1.3E-02
Fat TOD FZD10 rs11061011 12 4.0E-05 3.4E-02
Skin TOD HR rs10110714 8 7.6E-05 4.8E-02