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Table 5 DEGs upregulated by Fg treatment in HC374 and Wuhan 1, but not in Nyubai, neither in Shaw

From: Transcriptome dynamics associated with resistance and susceptibility against fusarium head blight in four wheat genotypes

Gene_ID Human-Readable-Description log2 Fold Changes
S_2 S_4 H_2 H_4 N_2 N_4 W_2 W_4
at both 2 and 4 dpi: FW00110011∩(FRS110011¬WRS110011)
 TraesCS2B01G554800 Reticulocyte-binding protein 2 homolog a NSa NS 2.7 3.3 NS NS 1.3 1.9
at 4 dpi alone: FW00010001∩(FRS010001¬WRS010001)
 TraesCS5B01G523100 Cysteine protease, putative NS NS NS 8.3 NS NS NS 9.3
 TraesCSU01G128400 Germin-like protein NS NS NS 8.8 NS NS NS 9.4
 TraesCS7D01G542800 Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase family protein NS NS NS 2.5 NS NS NS 2.0
 TraesCS2A01G536300 Serine/threonine-protein kinase NS NS NS 2.4 NS NS NS 1.4
  1. aNS = not significant