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Table 3 Genes with evidence failing to support FDSIs (negative results)

From: Systematic evaluation of isoform function in literature reports of alternative splicing

Gene Experimental method Tissue/Cell Type Reference (PubMed ID)
Ank3 Isoform-specific rescue Neuron 25,552,556
Ar Knockdown Prostate cancer cell line 20,823,238
Ccnd1 Isoform-specific rescue Embryonic fibroblast 21,200,149
Dab1 Isoform-specific rescue Neuron 28,968,791
Dntt Isoform-specific rescue Bone marrow 11,136,823
FANCE Isoform-specific rescue Breast cancer cell line 26,277,624
FNBP1L Isoform-specific rescue MDCK cell line 26,063,734
Pcdha1 Isoform-specific rescue Brain 18,973,563
PDE4D Knockdown Kidney 16,030,021, 17,673,687
PEX19 Isoform-specific rescue Fibroblast 11,883,941
Pparg Knockdown and isoform-specific rescue Adipose 11,782,442
RAP1GSDS1 Knockdown Breast cancer cell line 24,197,117
RREB1 Knockdown Bladder 21,703,425
SIRT1 Knockdown Colon cancer cell line 22,124,156
Smad2 Isoform-specific rescue Embryonic stem cells 15,630,024
STAT1 Knockdown Embryonic cells 21,914,475
  1. These genes had multiple isoforms tested however only one splice isoform caused a change in phenotype