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Table 3 Top genes from combined analysis of gene-based association statistics and differential gene expression in udders for each QTL

From: Prioritizing candidate genes post-GWAS using multiple sources of data for mastitis resistance in dairy cattle

Gene Location Gene P value RNA-seq FDR# Putative function Differential expression##
CYP4X1 BTA3: 99666161~  99,714,764 1.42e-7 3.47e-4 MP: abnormal humoral immune response Down
AOAH BTA4:60940663~ 61,125,662 1.51e-8 1.66e-11 GO: negative regulation of inflammatory response Up
ENSBTAG00000032429 BTA5: 32263608~  32,264,561 1.02e-9 4.71e-2 NA Down
SLC6A12 BTA5: 107649324~  107,666,752 1.14e-7 1.03e-3 NA Up
NFKB1 BTA6:23557311~ 23,679,508 1.33e-9 4.02e-2 GO: inflammatory response, innate immune response Up
CSN1S2 BTA6: 87262457~  87,280,936 2.60e-17 7.65e-3 KEGG: Prolactin signaling pathway Down
SHROOM3 BTA6: 93340874~  93,398,475 1.83e-20 1.67e-2 NA Down
FBN3 BTA7:18006365 ~  18,076,590 1.13e-8 5.92e-10 NA Down
TAGAP BTA9: 96806294~  96,815,764 2.09e-6 2.38e-3 NA Up
SLC28A2 BTA10: 65395125~  65,427,753 2.93e-8 2.75e-3 NA Up
PDIA6 BTA11:86834898~ 86,857,648 3.56e-10 3.58e-2 NA Up
HCK BTA13: 62106257~  62,151,619 1.48e-12 3.13e-22 GO: innate immune response Up
ACOT7 BTA16: 47827124~  47,934,930 6.66e-14 2.83e-2 NA Up
HPN BTA18:45971859~ 45,991,833 3.50e-11 4.53e-2 NA Down
PLEKHH3 BTA19: 43366278~  43,374,706 6.46e-13 1.73e-3 NA Down
MROH2B BTA20: 33456349~  33,528,569 5.00e-15 8.62e-5 MP: abnormal T cell physiology and decreased T cell proliferation Down
ENSBTAG00000010730 BTA23: 10627244~  10,628,260 5.98e-9 5.36e-6 NA Up
CDIP1 BTA25: 3650394~  3,673,924 2.83e-9 1.27e-2 NA Down
CRTAC1 BTA26: 18869719~  19,013,761 8.49e-9 3.72e-2 NA Down
  1. #Results from Fang et al. [23]
  2. ##Comparison between infected mammary glands and controls at 24 h post intra-mammary infection with E. coli