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Table 1 Summary of final GWAS peaks identified using peak definition pipeline

From: Association mapping by aerial drone reveals 213 genetic associations for Sorghum bicolor biomass traits under drought

  max p-val narrow peak span (Kb) wide peak span (Kb)
mean 2.74 32.8 149.84
std 1.41 61.67 236.13
min 1.01 0 0
25% 1.85 0.22 9.09
50% 2.36 6.31 60.56
75% 3.08 39.9 179.82
max 12.68 437.36 1621.43
count (N peaks) 213
  1. ‘max p-val’ = highest corrected p-value for any SNP in a given peak over the 460 individual GWAS runs, narrow peak span (Kb) = smallest distance spanned in Kb by significant SNPs for a given peak over the 460 GWAS runs, where a value of 0 indicates that a single SNP passed the significance threshold, wide peak span (Kb) = Kb range of the union of all SNPs that surpassed the significance threshold in any GWAS that registered a given peak (i.e., the largest, significant bp position out of all GWAS runs - smallest significant bp position out of all GWAS runs, for a given peak). The mean, standard deviation (std), minimum, maximum, and 25%, 50% and 75% quantiles were calculated across these values for the final set of 213 GWAS peaks to produce the above summary