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Fig. 2

From: Bivariate genome-wide association analysis strengthens the role of bitter receptor clusters on chromosomes 7 and 12 in human bitter taste

Fig. 2

Common variants associated with the perception of (a) quinine, (b) caffeine, (c) SOA, (d) DB. Manhattan plots display the association P-value for each SNP in the genome (displayed as –log10 of the P-value). The red line indicates the genome-wide significance threshold of P = 5.0e-8. rs10772420 (labelled in red), rs2597979 (labelled in green), and rs67487380 (labelled in blue) are the most significant SNP within a putative or associated locus for quinine, caffeine, and sucrose octaacetate, respectively. rs10261515 is labelled in (d) because it reaches genome-wide significance in the bivariate analysis (Table 1 and Fig. 5)

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