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Fig. 3

From: Bivariate genome-wide association analysis strengthens the role of bitter receptor clusters on chromosomes 7 and 12 in human bitter taste

Fig. 3

Regional association plots for the perception of quinine, caffeine and SOA on chromosome 12 between 10900000 and 11400000 base pairs with gene model below. Plots are zoomed to highlight the genomic region that likely harbors the causal variant. Color scale for the linkage disequilibrium with the top SNPs (i.e. rs10772420 for quinine, rs2597979 for caffeine and rs67487380 for SOA) and their correlations are shown in the top left of the figure. Physical locations for the three SNPs are indicated with colored dashed lines (i.e. red for rs10772420, green for rs2597979 and blue for rs67487380) across the figure. *The dot representing the association between quinine and rs2597979 in the top panel is light blue (r2rs10772420-rs2597979 = 0.24) and hidden behind the green dot

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