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Table 4 Gene Ontology (GO) terms and KEGG pathways annotation analysis enriched (P < 0.01) based on autozygosity islands set of genes

From: Autozygosity islands and ROH patterns in Nellore lineages: evidence of selection for functionally important traits

Terms Genes P-value
GO Biological Process
 (GO:0042742) Defense response to bacteria 14 7.07E-5
 (GO:0030163) Protein catabolic process 9 6.33E-4
 (GO:0070200) Establishment of protein localization to telomere 4 1.70E-3
 (GO:0040014) Regulation of multicellular organism growth 6 2.68E-3
 (GO:0045647) Negative regulation of erythrocyte differentiation 4 4.46E-3
 (GO:0030901) Midbrain development 6 4.84E-3
GO Molecular Function
 (GO:0008289) Lipid binding 13 2.07E-4
 (GO:0004190) Aspartic-type endopeptidase activity 9 3.24E-4
GO Cellular Component
 (GO:0005776) Autophagosome 8 3.07E-3
 (GO:0005634) Nucleus 155 6.11E-3
 (GO:0005815) Microtubule organizing center 10 8.36E-3
 (GO:0005730) Nucleolus 41 8.50E-3
KEGG pathway
 (bta01100) Metabolic pathways 72 4.21E-4