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Table 5 Gene content of non-overlapping ROH islands within the Nellore lineages highlighted according to their function

From: Autozygosity islands and ROH patterns in Nellore lineages: evidence of selection for functionally important traits

Lineage Gene Function Author
Godhavari LAMB4 Immune System [91]
Karvadi RFX4 Immune System [92]
Godhavari IFRD, PPM1B, DTX4, MTMR7 Productive traits [64, 92,93,94,95]
Taj Mahal CAPZA2 Productive traits [96]
Karvadi ZBTB20, RPS20, STAC3, STAT6, RIC8B, LYPLA1, XKR4, TMEM68, TGS1 Productive traits [66, 92, 97,98,99,100,101,102]
Godhavari NAMPT Reproductive traits [103, 104]
Godhavari PPM1B, JMJD1C Reproductive traits [105, 106]
Karvadi RFX4, NPBWR1, OPRK1, MRPL15 Reproductive traits [65, 107]
Karvadi DRD3, ZBTB20 Reproductive traits [108, 109]
Karvadi CSNK1A1, TBC1D12 Thermotolerance [110, 111]