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Table 1 Main characteristics, pros and cons between four C. parapsilosis sensu stricto microsatellite genotyping protocols published in the literature compared and the one described in this work (N = 5)

From: Design and validation of a multiplex PCR protocol for microsatellite typing of Candida parapsilosis sensu stricto isolates

Characteristic Sabino et al. [5] Diab-Elschahawi et al. [6] Reiss et al. [7] Vaz et al. [8] Trobajo-Sanmartín et al. (This study)
PCR scheme used Singleplexb Multiplex Multiplex Multiplex Multiplex
Redesign of the original primers NA Yes Yes Yes No
Number of primers pairs used for each PCR reaction 1 3 1 4 4
Total number of PCR reactions needed for a complete STR analysis 3 2 5 1 1
Number of dyes used in each genotyping reaction 3 3 1 3 4
Evaluation of the sensitivity and specificitya NA No No No Yes
Evaluation of the microsatellite informativeness parameters Yes Unknownc Unknownc Unknownb Yes
Total time elapsed to obtained results (in minutes) 138 79 197 138 79
Approximate costd estimated of the primer pairs used in each protocol (in euros) 5,60 15,72 7,00 9,26 12,76
Approximate total costd estimated for the complete STR analysis of one sample (in euros) 15,58 22,53 20,77 14,00 17,45
  1. NA Not applicable
  2. aTaking the original protocol published by Sabino and coworkers as the gold standard
  3. bOne of the four reactions could be multiplexed using three different dyes
  4. cProbably the authors did the evaluation of the microsatellite informativeness parameters, but there is no clear reference to that subject in their manuscript
  5. dPrices are referred to Spain. We included the DNA extraction, AmpliTaq Gold® PCR kit with magnesium chloride and PCR buffer, PCR plate (96-well) and primer prices to estimate the total cost per sample analyzed using each protocol