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Table 1 Characterization of host-ranges of four dicot powdery mildew biotypesa

From: Comparative genome analyses reveal sequence features reflecting distinct modes of host-adaptation between dicot and monocot powdery mildew

Biotypesb Tomato Cucumber Tobacco Arabidopsis Sow thistle Arabidopsis pad4–1/sid2–1
GcC1 ++++ ++ ++++ ++++
GcM1 +/− +/− ++++ ++++
OnM2 ++++ +++ +++ ++ ++++
GcM3 ++++ + ++++
  1. aThe infection phenotypes were assessed visually or with the aid of a microscope. “-”, no or poor germination of conidia without successful penetration; “+/−”, successful penetration but without sporulation; “+”, poor sporulation with HR; “++”, moderate sporulation with no or weak HR; “+++”, good sporulation; “++++”, profuse sporulation
  2. bGcC1, Golovinomyces cichoracearum UCSC1; GcM1, G. cichoracearum UMSG1; OnM2, Oidium neolycopersici UMSG2; GcM3, G. cichoracearum UMSG3