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Table 3 Biological processes identified from DEGs identified at 40 dpa during limb regeneration in Bolitoglossa ramosi (p-value < 0.05)

From: Using transcriptomics to enable a plethodontid salamander (Bolitoglossa ramosi) for limb regeneration research

GO biological process Matches P- value
developmental process (GO:0032502) 182 7.09E-13
cellular developmental process (GO:0048869) 126 1.33E-08
cell differentiation (GO:0030154) 124 1.67E-08
collagen catabolic process (GO:0030574) 15 4.21E-08
collagen metabolic process (GO:0032963) 16 5.58E-08
extracellular matrix organization (GO:0030198) 27 9.53E-07
extracellular structure organization (GO:0043062) 27 1.02E-06
regulation of developmental process (GO:0050793) 87 8.61E-06
ossification (GO:0001503) 22 5.22E-05
response to stimulus (GO:0050896) 208 9.11E-05
skeletal system development (GO:0001501) 30 1.01E-04
blood vessel development (GO:0001568) 29 3.19E-04
nervous system development (GO:0007399) 78 1.00E-03
osteoblast differentiation (GO:0001649) 13 9.15E-03
embryonic morphogenesis (GO:0048598) 29 1.45E-02
embryo development (GO:0009790) 40 1.55E-02
epithelium development (GO:0060429) 44 1.60E-02
connective tissue development (GO:0061448) 16 1.86E-02
regulation of cell differentiation (GO:0045595) 59 2.28E-02
extracellular matrix disassembly (GO:0022617) 10 3.41E-02
skeletal system morphogenesis (GO:0048705) 16 4.10E-02