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Table 3 The number of MHC Class I lineage genes predicted in the Pangasianodon hypophthalmus genome

From: A draft genome of the striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, for comparative analysis of genes relevant to development and a resource for aquaculture improvement

Predicted MHC Class I lineagea scaffold number Gene IDs CDS length
U sc0000028 phy_g23340.t1 979
U sc0000028 phy_g23351.t1 2826
U sc0000028 phy_g23352.t1 1500
U sc0000028 phy_g23353.t1 2190
U sc0000013 phy_g27727.t1 355
U sc0000013 phy_g27728.t1 556
U sc0000013 phy_g27729.t1 630
U sc0000006 phy_g7177.t1 1017
U sc0000006 phy_g7178.t1 1069
U sc0000006 phy_g7179.t1 534
U sc0000006 phy_g7188.t1 1807
Z sc0000105 phy_g26176.t1 1021
Z sc0000105 phy_g26177.t1 2161
Z sc0000105 phy_g26178.t1 826
Z sc0000105 phy_g26179.t1 1180
Z sc0000307 phy_g26180.t1 1282
S sc0000004 phy_g12382.t1 946
S sc0000004 phy_g12383.t1 562
L sc0000040 phy_g5627.t1 813
  1. aMHC Class I lineages are classified according to Grimholt et al. [60]