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Table 4 Candidate genes for sex determination in catfish genomes

From: A draft genome of the striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, for comparative analysis of genes relevant to development and a resource for aquaculture improvement

  Striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Gene name Scaffold number Gene IDs Chr NCBI ID Chr Ensemble ID
sox9b sc0000006 phy_g7559 2 XP_017315164.1 3 ENSDARG00000043923
sox30 sc0000034 phy_g15976 4 XP_017347423.1 6 ENSDARG00000031664
dmrt1 sc0000020 phy_g50867 22 XP_017308041.1 5 ENSDARG00000007349
dmrt2 sc0000020 phy_g50865 22 XP_017308058.1 5 ENSDARG00000015072
dmrt3 sc0000020 phy_g50866 22 XP_017308040.1 5 ENSDARG00000035290
hsd17b3a sc0000001 phy_g48256a 5 XP_017323206.1 8 ENSDARG00000023287
sf1 sc0000027 phy_g43702 7 XP_017327018.1 7 ENSDARG00000008188
amh sc0000055 phy_g41360 10 XP_017333187.1 22 ENSDARG00000014357
tdrd1 sc0000005 phy_g9344 13 XP_017338221.1 12 ENSDARG00000007465
tdrd7 sc0000027 phy_g43892 7 XP_017327887.1 1 ENSDARG00000032808
piwil1 sc0000047 phy_g14817 20 XP_017351061.1 8 ENSDARG00000041699
piwil2 sc0000020 phy_g50577 22 XP_017306734.1 5 ENSDARG00000062601
ddx4 sc0000035 phy_g5089 16 XP_017345559.1 10 ENSDARG00000014373
spata22 sc0000010 phy_g34371 28 XP_017316192.1 5 ENSDARG00000098537
spata17 sc0000014 phy_g35239 9 XP_017330886.1 17 ENSDARG00000054414
  1. aBLAST results of the candidate genes for sex determination with at least 50% coverage of the P. hypophthalmus gene, except phy_g48256 (47% coverage)